Our solution for recruiting, setting up and federating your project teams.

The human ressources management is the key element in the realization of your projects. This is why the "RGGP solution" adopts a tailor-made approach for recruiting, setting up and managing dedicated teams.

To achieve theses objectives, our service is built around 4 main axes :

Audit of your

Implementation of customized solutions

Teams selection

Training, integration and team monitoring

Our collaborators owns the experience and network needed to recruit full teams while respecting your times obligations. We are committed to assign full and qualified teams on your projects. Our consultants build solutions and recruit projects teams according to your specific needs.

We assure you to bring all necessary skills to your projects by creating personalized solutions thanks to our "pépinières" and our network of experts.


What ?

A unique solution of recruitment and training dedicated to profession with shortages of skills and applicants.

Whom ?

Our partner, a training center, will train your teams directly on your tools.

How ?

If skills or trainings do not exist, we will create them according to your needs. All the project teams follow a specific program meeeting your requirements.

image recrutement